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Villainswear Merchandise

Villainswear Merchandise


Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School Athletics has teamed up with Mylocker for all Villainswear Merchandise. You can now go to the Villainswear Merchandise on the Athletic Section of the school website and design your own Villainswear with over 100 different graphics. Items will be shipped directly to your house and 12% of the proceeds go back to Bishop McGuinness Athletics. You can order everything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats to backpacks, blankets, and even items for infants and toddlers.

All Villainswear including items ordered through “MyLocker” via the school website must be in school colors and can only be worn to school if approved by the Dean of Students. Please visit the Student Dress Standard for more information.

Order Villainswear here.