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  • Winterim Placement Form


    WINTERIM PROJECT 2019-2020

    Winterim is designed to give senior students experience in career fields that interest them. Through working at various businesses, agencies, or clinics, students will share job experiences with individuals employed in these careers. This is a major career exploration project for our students. There is no salary involved, and parents have given their permission for their sons and daughters.

    Students are expected to work the typical hours of the career being explored. A total of thirty (30) hours is required of students. They are not to use their part-time jobs as their Winterim experience, they are not to work for family, and they may not receive pay for their time. They should be given as much real work as possible, according to their education and experience. The sponsor may require a report or test, if appropriate, for evaluation.

    Bishop McGuinness has offered this program to seniors for over thirty years. During that time, it has been an effective tool in helping them select colleges and jobs more wisely after graduation. Some students have learned that the career they explored is truly fitting for them, and they have been highly motivated to continue their education in that field. Others have had enough first-hand experience to realize that a chosen career is not for them, and they have time for re-direction before too heavy an investment in the wrong career. Sometimes part-time summer job offers result from this experience. In all, it has proven our most valuable career education program.

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    Work Schedule

    This is tentative. Work schedule will be confirmed by students in early January. If any day isn't used, place a "0" in the field.

Please complete this form in its entirety. Receipt of this form is a major grade component of this project. The deadline for submission and receipt is Wednesday, November 7.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Rafferty, Bishop McGuinness English Department (

If you have any technical questions, contact Mr. Dolan, Bishop McGuinness Technology Coordinator (