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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry program at Bishop McGuinness seeks to help our students’ faith in to action. Every student at BMHS is involved in the Ministry program. Campus Ministry offers different events throughout the year designed to appeal to BMHS students’ spirituality.

Such events include: retreats for all grade levels; community service opportunities through the Y.E.S. (Youth Eager to Serve) program; participation in the annual March-for-Life in Washington, D.C.; a chance to experience the life and spirituality of another culture through participation in a Mission Trip; and a wide variety of school liturgies and prayer services.


At Bishop McGuinness we incorporate spirituality into all of school life, making it an important component of each of our students’ lives. We want each and every one of our students to reach his or her full potential not only as a student, but in all areas of their lives. By being in touch with their faith and spirituality, our students will be able to become a better person, not only by developing faith in God, but by developing faith in his or herself.

At Bishop McGuinness we work hard to give our students the best educational experience possible, and being part of the Campus Ministry program will help them achieve that. The students who take advantage of the activities that the Campus Ministry offers, have shown themselves to have a fulfilling educational experience, by participating in uplifting and exciting events such as the March-for-Life and the Mission Trip to Mexico.

At the core of the Campus Ministry program is the belief that as Christians, we are commanded to be different from the world around us, and our ministry program allows students to acquire leadership and community service skills that will prepare them to live and serve in a changing society as self-respecting and responsible Christian citizens.

Each one of the proposed programs to be implemented during the school year, will allow our students to enhance their leadership and community service skills by giving the opportunity to interact with and provide leadership for other Catholic youth, by celebrating their faith, by being witness to the successes and impact of Catholic leaders, by increasing their knowledge of faith, and by recognizing the important role that each one of them has in the larger community.

The Campus Ministry Office is staffed by the Campus Minister and two Assistant Campus Ministers.