Bishop McGuinness High School


Counseling Center

The focus of the Counseling Center is student success. The curriculum is developmental and sequential; reinforcing content at each grade level 9-12. It is designed to be integrated throughout the academic curriculum, delivered by teachers and counselors, and supported by parents and community efforts. The competencies and objectives, grouped by academic development, career development, and personal/social development, are aligned with the strategic goals of high student performance as well as safe and orderly schools.

Personal counseling is at the heart of the program. It is in conjunction with the Ministry staff and is provided on an as-needed basis with the philosophy that a student is most successful when all areas of his/her personal life are in balance. Counseling is short term in nature with outside referrals made as needed.

The counselor is the advocate for the student. Communication between the teacher and the counselor is important in helping to make sure that the student is on task and making adequate progress. Also, the counselor is the liaison between the home and school. Parent teacher conferences are made through the Counseling Center with the counselor leading the conference.

Academic counseling is at the center of the Counseling Center. The counselors build the master schedule and are responsible for advising students on appropriate placement and course selection. The counselors are also responsible for the publishing of report cards and transcripts and is the liaison with colleges and the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse in sending transcripts and other required information for seniors.

School-wide testing is coordinated by the Counseling Center. Freshmen take the Differential Aptitude Test each year which includes an interest inventory component. All freshmen, sophomores and juniors take the PSAT and the seniors take the Strong Campbell Inventory. Test results are one tool used in counseling students regarding course placement and college choices. Juniors and seniors take the SAT and/or ACT in preparation for college application. Registration for the SAT and ACT is the responsibility of the student.

With over 98% of the students attending colleges and universities, college counseling is a major focus in the counseling center. A Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and a Senior Parent Night are offered to make parents aware of the information that students are receiving and to make sure that the parents are an informed part of the high school and college planning process. Counselors also meet with each junior individually to discuss the student’s academic record and college opportunities.

Career counseling is provided through Career Day. This is a one day school-sponsored event with various careers represented. Juniors and seniors are asked to choose three careers of interest, and they attend presentations from professionals in those careers. The most effective career program is Winterim which is designed to give seniors experience in career fields that interest them. Students spend a minimum of thirty (30) hours working in one or more areas of interest. Through working at various businesses, agencies, or clinics, students share job experiences with individuals employed in these career areas.

Mrs. Julie Gehling
Counseling Center Director         
Phone: 336-564-1245                                                                                                                              

Mrs. Tiffany Ehmig
Phone: 336-564-1003                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Mrs. Lorraine Taylor
Registrar/Counseling Center Administrative Assistant
Phone: 336-564-1004