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Counseling Center Announcments

Counseling Center Announcements


Because grades can be viewed online throughout the year through the Student Performance System, progress reports will not be mailed or distributed to students in hard copy form. If there is a concern that a student may be in danger of failing, parents will be notified by email. We believe this is a more efficient, secure, and confidential way to communicate this information to parents.


Grade Reports will be posted on the Student Performance System. Please check Grade Reports carefully and address any questions to the teacher. No grade changes will be made after two weeks following the end of the grading period. (Student Handbook page 8)


Detailed information on our grading policies can be found in the Student Assignment Book and Handbook (page 8). 


If you are interested in spending some time during the summer on academic or leadership pursuits, please stop by the Counseling Center and examine our folder of opportunities.

Visit your Family Connection on the Naviance site for a list of scholarships or financial aid awards that may be relevant to you. Begin your search at the websites of the Colleges/Universities you are considering attending. In addition, although not all inclusive, our list is a great place to continue exploring scholarship opportunities. To access our list, sign in to Family Connection on Naviance, click on “Colleges” then “Scholarship List”.