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Why Choose Bishop McGuinness

Why Choose Bishop McGuinness?

There are lots of great reasons to choose Bishop! Below are a few we think you’ll find interesting. Please look through the entire Web site for additional information or give us a call at 564-1010 to ask questions or arrange a visit.

Academics: Bishop is widely recognized for exceptional academics and the excellence of our graduates. Students from Bishop have attended Yale University, Dartmouth, Duke, Notre Dame, Wake Forest and UNC as well as other exemplary colleges and universities.

Faculty: Our instructors are experienced, caring and highly capable. Most have graduate degrees in their fields, and all are professionals who care about their students’ growth and success.

Friendships: Many of our students name friendships and social experiences as their favorite aspect of attending Bishop. They describe our faculty and other students as friendly, open and accepting.

Faith: Our Catholic heritage is an important aspect of Bishop; so too is our acceptance of other faiths. The school provides many opportunities for students to worship and grow spiritually. Our Campus Ministry Office offers service programs to address the needs of all students regardless of faith.

Safety: Bishop offers a secure learning environment that is exceptionally safe, caring and supportive.

Diversity: We embrace the diversity of our student body and invite students of all faiths, ethnic and social and economic backgrounds to attend our school.

Athletics: A member of the NC High School Athletic Association and the Northwest Conference, Bishop offers a full slate of athletic programs. In fact, more than 60% of our students participate in sports teams. We offer 15 different sports for our students to choose from.

Extra-Curricular: Students enjoy an extensive extra-curricular program that lets them explore their personal interests including drama, spirituality, the environment, politics and social causes.

Facilities: We moved to our current campus in 2001 – our facilities are new, accessible and state-of-the-art.