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First Semester Exam Schedule





Monday, January 14

              9:00-10:30                   Period 5

              11:30-1:00                   Period 1

Tuesday, January 15

              9:00-10:30                   Period 2

              11:30-1:00                   Period 4

Wednesday, January 16

              9:00-10:30                   Period 3

              11:30-1:00                   Period 7

Thursday, January 17

              9:00-10:30                   Period 6

              11:30-1:00                   Period 8


(Make-Up Exams 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day)


Students with extended time, please see Mrs. Stoller

  • Students are to be in standard dress and remain in the classroom (testing site) for the entire exam period. 
  • Students are required to be in the building only for periods in which they have exams; students who are in the building but not taking an exam during a particular period must be in one of two places only; the library or computer lab (124). These are open for quiet study only. 
  • Students who have a conflict must resolve that conflict in advance with the appropriate teachers. 
  • Students who miss an exam due to illness must make up the exam at 2:00 on the following day (the student is to contact the teacher prior to that time to make arrangements). 
  • Students who are late for an exam period will take the make-up exam at 2:00 on the same day. 
  • Students who have special accommodations for testing must see Mrs. Stoller for instructions.
  • Please note that lunch will not be served during exam week.