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Cafeteria Payment System

Student ID & Cafeteria Automated Payment System

Each student receives a student ID with in the first month at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, and is required to carry this ID on his person at all times. The student ID may be used for outside events and discounts. It is also required for some school events such as athletic games and school wide elections.

Lunch Payment System Overview

  1. The student enters his/her Cafeteria Touch Pad number.
  2. Food charges are input by cashier.
  3. If the parent has set up an online account at My School Account; the system then accesses the account for payment.
  4. Payment may also be made by cash or check at the cashier checkout in the cafeteria. 


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the tab to Create an Account and follow set-up steps. Be sure to provide a valid email.
  3. You will receive an email from My School Account with steps to verify the account.
  4. Add your student to your account using the Manage Student button. A My Student Account “Student Id #” is required and is provided by BMHS.
  5. Click on the Deposit Funds Tab to add funds to your account. There may be up to 36 hours processing time for funds to be available in the cafeteria.
  6. You can then:
    1. make payments with your credit card checking/savings account;
    2. view meals your student has eaten;
    3. view online payment history. 

The parent must set up an account at

  1. Automatic Bank Draft: Parents can access bank checking/savings to pre-pay: only $1.95 charge per deposit regardless of deposit size.
  2. Credit Card: Parents can pre-pay online with a credit card into their individual My School Account.
  3. Check: Students can add funds with a check at the Cafeteria.
    1. Checks can be given to cashier at checkout.
    2. All checks should be made payable to: GLADYS CATERING, INC. (Can be given to cashier in cafeteria checkout or mailed to: BMCHS, Attn: Cafeteria Services).
    3. NSF returned checks: $30 charge to account.


  1. Cash payments accepted at the cashier
  2. Check payments accepted at the cashier
    1. Checks can be given to cashier at checkout.
    2. All checks should be made payable to: GLADYS CATERING, INC. NSF returned checks due: $30 charge to account.)

Account balances at end of a school year: seniors = refunded to parents; others = carried forward into next school year.