Bishop McGuinness High School

Student Dress Code

Land's End online

Villainswear online  All Villainswear must be navy or gray.

PE Uniforms



Failure to comply consistently with the school specified dress standards will be considered defiant behavior, which warrants a suspension.

Dress Standards:  General Standards (Boys & Girls).

  1. Standard shirt with school logo purchased thru Land’s End and must  be worn at all times.
  2. Khaki colored pants (no leggings, jeggings, sweat pants, yoga pants).
  3. Cardigans, crew-necks, V-necks or V-neck sweater vests (i.e. sleeveless sweaters) are permitted over shirts MUST BE navy or gray.  (no logo is required).
  4. Casual l closed toed shoes or athletic shoes ONLY. (NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS, ETC.)




Provisions for Boys:

  1. Hair must be neat and well-trimmed.  No hairstyle may extend below the ear lobe on the side and must be tapered to a length which does not reach below the bottom of the shirt collar.  If a hairstyle with bangs is worn, bangs must be of reasonable length and not obscure or fall into the eyes.  Ponytails of any length are not allowed.  Curly hair must be cropped reasonably close to the head.  Unconventional cuts, colors and styles are not acceptable.
  2. Faces must be clean-shaven.  No visible trace of a beard or mustache is acceptable, and sideburns may not extend to a length below the bottom of the ear.
  3. Earrings, stud, or facial piercing are not permitted at any time during the school day; this includes on dress-down or jeans days as well jewelry is permitted during the school day; this includes on dress- down or jeans days as well.


Provisions for Girls:

Immodest clothing (clothing which is too tight or too revealing) or lack of proper undergarments will not be tolerated.

  1. Hair must be clean; radical haircuts/styles or color are not permitted.
  2. No facial-piercing jewelry is permitted during the school day; this includes on dress-down or jeans day as well.

Jeans Days:  Jeans or standard slack with a casual shirt or a T-shirt that represents the club or activity.

Field Trips: Standard dress unless otherwise approved or if a physical activity requires dressing down