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All students will need the following supplies:

  • A nylon-string guitar.  Recommended models include a Cordova C5, (or higher in number) or the Yamaha CG 122 (or higher). (approx. cost--$200--$300)
  • A hard shell (and if possible, lockable) case for the guitar ($100)
  • A guitar support for seating position.  Either a footstool (good, $15) or an ErgoPlay (best, $50)
  • An electronic guitar tuner—D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner ($13)
  • The textbook should be purchased through Dr. Hirsh during the first week of school (cost: $32).


All other supplies may be purchased locally at:

  • Jackson’s Music in Winston Salem (336)760-9635.
  • Guitar Center in Greensboro (336) 852-8620


Jackson’s does offer a discount to all of my students.   Tell them that your child will be a student of Dr. Hirsh and they will offer a discount