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Bishop McGuinness Community Service Program
Youths Eager to Serve (Y.E.S.)


An important component of the Campus Ministry Program at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School is the Community Service Program, called Youths Eager to Serve (Y.E.S.). Service is central to our motto, “Excel as to better serve.” Y.E.S. encourages students to place their talents, abilities, and gifts at the service of others and their community.

A graduation requirement is for each student to volunteer thirty (30) hours of service each school year under the Y.E.S. program. Of these thirty hours of service, a minimum of five (5) hours must be direct service to the poor, hungry, homeless, marginalized, etc.; a minimum of ten (10) hours in their community; and a minimum of ten (10) hours in their parish or church community.

Any hours earned in the summer months are credited to the next year. All hours to count toward the present academic year must be completed, logged, and verified by a supervisor (see below) by April 30.


Students who excel above the minimum requirements will receive a recognition of their service in that academic year by a distinguishing mark of recognition on their transcript, as well as the total number of hours completed.


Transcript indications:   30-75 hours                  Sat                   (Satisfied)

                                           75-120 hours                Sat+                 (Satisfied with merit)

                                          120+ hours                    Sat*                 (Satisfied with distinction)


Students engaging in 150+ service hours each year of enrollment at the school will earn the mark “Satisfied with exemplification.” These students will be honored in their senior year with a graduation medal for their consummate service to their church and community.


Any questions regarding this program may be directed to the Office of Campus Ministry at 336-564-1010.



MobileServe Impact Tracker App


Bishop McGuinness teams up with MobileServe in order to easily log and verify service hours. The Campus Ministry and Guidance Office can easily pull the information submitted by students in order to better gauge Bishop’s impact on the community.


Using either the web-based dashboard or the mobile app, students can create a log of their hours and choose two ways to verify their hours served. On the mobile app and web-based dashboard, a verification email can be sent to a supervisor of the organization for which the student served. The supervisor follows the instructions to verify the hours worked. The mobile app makes this process even easier by allowing the supervisor to draw his/her signature on the student’s device right there at the event. Log it and forget about it.


In case you need your Mobile Serve code:


Class of 2022- AD83E3

Class of 2023- 776750

Class of 2024- 4A7594

Class of 2025- 6653D1

Please complete these 4 steps to start tracking your impact!

1.  Sign Up, enter your school's email address or log in through Facebook

2.  Upload your profile picture and affiliate with BMHS Class of ... by entering code#

3.  Find us on the App Store!

4.  Start volunteering and sharing your story!

For questions about the MobileServe app reach out to

Questions regarding service hours in general please email your theology teacher or Fr. Carter at


Please note: “Pending Hours” are hours that have been submitted, but not verified. This is the result of the supervisor not following the email instructions to verify. Pending hours do not show up in the school’s report as completed hours. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the supervisor’s verification of his/her hours.