Bishop McGuinness High School

Welcome International Students! Come be a part of an excellent global educational experience. Here at Bishop we encourage warm hospitality and high academic success in an environment of cultural exploration and understanding. Come Join Us!
A group of students traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico in June to repair churches and schools, minister to children in orphanages and participate in manual labor type projects. A good time was had by all, but more importantly... Mission Accomplished!

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Tuition & Fees 2015-16

Please be advised that the August bank draft for tuition and capital fees (if the capital fee is paid to BMCHS) will occur on Monday, August 3. This applies to all pay frequencies (Annual, Semester and Monthly. You are asked to refer to your “Tuition and Fees Schedule” for your tuition and capital fee amounts specific to you.

As always, bus payments are NOT drafted as these are paid totally by check/cash/money order.

Thanks in advance for your help in making the 2015-16 year a great one for all!

e-Campus Online Book Buyback

Did you miss e-Campus when they were here? Do you still have books to sell back?

Visit to sell your books back. It is very simple. Just click "Sell Books" and follow the instructions. They even pay for shipping! The more of our books we can sell back, the more discounts we can get in used books in the fall.

Thank you for your support!

Payment Reminder

Please be advised that ALL tuition/fees/transportation must be paid in full by May 15 of each year. Any accounts with remaining balances will constitute withholding of any grades/reports/diplomas until payment is received by the Business Office.

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