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  Name Title Group Contact
Ruth Marie Angiolino Angiolino, Ruth Marie Spanish Teacher
Hope Barker Barker, Hope Theatre Arts Teacher
Kris Beck Beck, Kris Math Teacher
Susanne Blaya Blaya, Susanne Math Teacher
Patrick Bowen Bowen, Patrick Physical Education
Rosalie Carr Carr, Rosalie Business Manager
Noah Carter Carter, Noah Chaplain 336-564-1058
Christopher Cloud Cloud, Christopher Guitar Teacher
Lee Coble Coble, Lee History Teacher
Nanette Dolan Dolan, Nanette Math Teacher
Shane Dolan Dolan, Shane Technology Coordinator
Claire Doyle Doyle, Claire English Teacher
Tiffany Ehmig Ehmig, Tiffany Guidance Counselor
Martha Garrett Garrett, Martha Art Teacher
Julie Gehling Gehling, Julie Director of Counseling
Tara Hackman Hackman, Tara Piedmont Area Enrollment Coordinator
Priscilla Handler Handler, Priscilla Science Teacher
Holly Hedrick Hedrick, Holly Science Teacher
Alan Hirsh Hirsh, Alan Music Teacher
Ann Jones Jones, Ann Art Teacher
Charles Jones Jones, Charles Asst. Athletic Director/P.E. Teacher
Tracy Jones Jones, Tracy Administrative Assistant-Business Office
Alexandra Katsos Katsos, Alexandra English Teacher
Werner Kist Kist, Werner Math Teacher
Kimberly Knox Knox, Kimberly Director of Admissions
Robert Koepf Koepf, Robert Math Teacher
Martha Lawrence Lawrence, Martha English Teacher 336-564-1010
Martin Mata Mata, Martin Campus Minister
Mary Moon Moon, Mary Administrative Assistant - Counseling Department
Kathryn Morris Morris, Kathryn Theology Teacher
Anthony O'Meara O'Meara, Anthony Theology Teacher
Danita Ostasiewski Ostasiewski, Danita Theology Teacher
Samuel Packard Packard, Samuel French Teacher
Elaine Peck Peck, Elaine Science Teacher
Patrick Preudhomme Preudhomme, Patrick History/Science Teacher
Randall Quarles Quarles, Randall Assistant Principal
Constance Rafferty Rafferty, Constance English Teacher
Leslie Redmon Redmon, Leslie Media Center Director
John Robinson Robinson, John
David Seidel Seidel, David History Teacher
Laurie Shutt Shutt, Laurie Administrative Assistant
Zane Smith Smith, Zane History Teacher
Norckzia Sobkowski Sobkowski, Norckzia Spanish Teacher
Laurie Sorrell Sorrell, Laurie Science Teacher
Amy Stoller Stoller, Amy Learning Support Teacher 336-564-1013
Jeffrey Stoller Stoller, Jeffrey Athletic Director 336-564-1020
John Christopher Tate Tate, John Christopher Attendance Coordinator
Anne Thomas Taylor Taylor, Anne Thomas Spiritual Counselor
Alain Tourret Tourret, Alain Dean of Students 336-564-1036
Katie Williams Williams, Katie Director of Advancement
Taylor Ziemba Ziemba, Taylor