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The BMHS Music dept offers a wide diversity of courses including, orchestra/band, chorus, recording studio, AP Music theory, and a full track of guitar classes.   
Orchestra/band and chorus work throughout the year to produce 2-3 major concerts (including the spring musical) as well as all music for monthly masses.    
Recording Studio focusses on creating individual and collaborative audio projects for a year-end EP and teaches skills for live audio.  
AP Theory is a language of music class designed for upper-level serious minded music students.
The Guitar program includes, Guitar I, II, Honors Guitar Solo, and Honors Guitar Ensemble and has been recognized by the Guitar Foundation of America (America’s leading guitar organization) as one of six high school programs in the country to be college-prep certified.   The GFA Certification Program is for for-credit, pre-college guitar programs in public and private schools in the United States and represent GFA's standard of excellence in guitar education.
Our Guitar program is nationally recognized.  See this article in the National Association of Music Educators.